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Welcome to Loan Tracker SA. You are one step closer to the freedom that you deserve. At last, you can be part of the South Africans moving forward in their lives. Times are tough ad it’s getting worse! Cars, Petrol, Bonds, Credit Cards and the list goes on. WHEN WILL THE DEBT STOP???


For the average man on the street life may not be easy or fair .What happens when you are in a motor vehicle accident? And as we all know Murphy’s Law comes around and your insurance refuses to pay out for damages. With your vehicle damaged, you now have no means of transport to work. On top of this, you don’t have any legal advice to help you. Then you get wind of a company called Loan Tracker SA. Many say it’s the perfect company to assist you legally and at an affordable price.
Loan Tracker SA also provides a complimentary loan tracking service which has financial service(s)/credit provider(s) to assist you with a loan. Loan Tracker SA has a brilliant advice assistance service package for you.  This means your service package will help you legally and financially. Loan Tracker SA is here to help YOU. Our team offer you personalised services and we are awaiting your call as we are keen to assist you to make your goals a reality. Now there’s no need to shop around for any kind of financial assistance. Our Advice Assistance service package can help you!


Stressed? Need a loan? Let Loan Tracker SA help!


Stress & Success

These days life is becoming very expensive and what make this even more challenging is that society judges an individual’s successes based on material goods acquired. These types of pressures force us to over-spend and thus finding ourselves in financial difficulties.


In South Africa there are more and more individuals who are employed and who are improving their credit scoring and records on a day to day basis. This results in banks pre-approving many clients for loans and/or other financial services. Many people out there are not clued up as to how the finance industry works and when individuals are aware that they qualify they tend to accept ANY offers immediately without scrutinizing their financial status.
On the flip side of the coin your bank informs you that you DO NOT qualify for a loan because you cannot afford it or you realize that you are listed on one of the credit bureaus. This results in tension at home, at work and eventually depression. Financial woes are an everyday scenario and the worst part of all is that they occur at any given time.



Loans are the best and fastest way to satisfy a financial crisis if it is utilized the correct way. In other words if the correct amount is chosen by you and repayment commitments are adhered to, a loan is good way to handle a financial emergency.

Another challenge that all consumers face are legal battles. Legal battles arise from unpaid debt, confrontation in the workplace, injury in a public place and even child maintenance.

Loan Tracker SA has pieced together a convenient product that has been scrutinized by a Consumer Protection Act Specialist. This product is made available to all adults who are permanent residents of South Africa. So now, you have complete peace of mind knowing that you can have a legal plan that also attends to all your financial needs.

This is a very convenient product plan that all our clients can utilize easily, it includes Civil Labour Legal Advice, Personal Injury Plan & Motor Injury Plan and more!

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