Our Product

In a nutshell, legal and financial woes can either make or break us. Unfortunately all good things come at a price; luckily our Multi-functional and convenient Advice Assistance Service Plan Product has been set up to be affordable to the majority of South Africa. At the end of the day it is both Financial and Legal peace of mind that we all seek as these are the circumstances that could affect our future.

Less Stress, More Success!

At this point we should now be able to admit to ourselves that financial predicaments occur when we least expect them and most of the time it causes great embarrassment. Here at Loan Tracker SA we understand these types of situations and we are willing to help.

Please take more time to read and fully understand the way our company and product works.

The only way to enjoy the financial benefit is to commit to a purchase of our Multi-functional Convenient Service Plan which consists of a Civil Labour Legal Advice, Personal Injury Plan and Motor Accident Injury Plan, Litigation Advice Service Plan, Conveyancing Advice Service Plan and many more, as well as credit reports are also available on request. Only once this is purchased are our clients allowed to make use of our financial benefit.


How it works

Complete our online application form
Read and Agree to our Terms of Service
Receive correspondence from us within 30 minutes
You submit all the necessary documents
Enjoy access to your product immediately!


What you get!

  • Civil & Labour Law Advice Assistance Service
  • Personal Injury Advice Assistance Service
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Assistance Advice Service
  • Criminal Law Advice Assistance Service
  • Harassment Advice Assistance Service
  • Will and Testament Advice Assistance Service
  • Domestic Violence Advice Assistance Service
  • Conveyance Advice Assistance Service
  • Matrimonial Law Advice Assistance Service
  • Litigation Advice Assistance Service
  • General Advice Assistance Service
  • a Monthly Electronic Service Assistance Pack and
  • a complimentary Loan Finding Service!

Sign up today for the The Loan Tracker SA Advice Assistance service package!:

The Loan Tracker SA Advice Assistance Package is yours for only R429.00 for the first month subscription and R205.00 per month for the remaining 11 months and you can enjoy your very own Advice Assistance Package with all of the above benefits.

Click here to APPLY ONLINE or CALL 0869 990 016

So have you read the list above? Surely you must be impressed! This is what the Loan Tracker SA service package offers you – if you are 18 years of age and you reside in South Africa with a salary of R1 500 that gets paid into a South African bank account.

Included in the above is a complimentary loan tracking service. So now you can enjoy a Para-Legal Advice service along with a loan tracking service and credit reports available upon request.

Just Imagine, the whole process can take anything between 3 – 5 working days depending on the type of application and the amount.

The only step left for you take is to apply. Say no to shortfalls by applying for the Loan Tracker SA Advice Assistance service package.